Ep 4: Why Outsourcing is such a ClusterF%$#

“How is it possible to have a civil war?”

Those were the words of my favorite comic – George Carlin. He thought most euphemisms were Bullsh%#% and I do too.

Unfortunately for me corporate America produces new euphemisms every day, and to be sure, most of them range from mildly annoying to downright infuriating.

Take the term Courtesy Disconnects for example – if you don’t know what that means well let me make your day! It’s the euphemistic way to describe hanging up on your customers because your lines are busy popularized by the bastion of customer experience – the IRS (please don’t audit me!). Calling it “customers can go to hell” would be rude so it’s called Courtesy Disconnects.

I invited Nick Jiwa to my podcast today to talk about outsourcing in Customer experience because for his expertise but especially because he lives in the No BS zone. Halfway through the interview I ask him why outsourcer and client relationships are so dysfunctional and he calls out the charade. He says every client under the sun claims they want a “partner” but some will treat the outsourcers as subservient,  and one client even call them “the hired help!” Then he turned his sights to the outsourcers themselves who sell out to the client only to complain on the back end. Nick is not in the corporate spin business, he lays out the 3 major problems facing this space without the double talk. I ask him about offshoring, I tell him lots of consumers are downright pissed at this practice.

We decide we need to do an undercover boss in the call center, I think we can get a lot of viewers.


This episode is like a layered cake, it is entertaining, informative and even emotional.  Nick got really fired up talking about front line reps (I told him their jobs are in jeopardy, he disagrees) – he is an uber successful entrepreneur today but he started his career on the phones. He knows that is where the rubber meets the road, I understood why the “hired help” comment struck a nerve – he remembers his roots.

I enjoyed having Nick on the show, we covered a lot of ground in a short period I even learned the actor Blair Underwood was a call center agent with Nick many years back.

I think you will enjoy this one a lot. Please keep the feedback and reviews coming on iTunes, I appreciate it.


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