The Curated Experience Podcast – Episode 1 – Stop pretending to Care about CX

I miss the good ole days.
I would walk over to my boss office with the customer care budget and he will tell me to go slash it by 20% before even looking at the files in my folder.  Back then you had to convince people and organizations to care about the customer. Now everyone is a believer, I doubt there is an organization on earth who hasn’t found the religion of Customer Experience. Hell, the United States Post office even has a banner in their lobby that promotes their focus on the customer, don’t get too excited – I waited for hours and got the same crappy service they have been providing me all my life.
I guess you can call it progress, we have gone from openly not caring, to pretending to care about the customer experience. I think all this pretending to care is a net negative, expectations of customers are rising and the growing gulf between their expectations and the reality is a problem.
Fortunately, I have all the answers.



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