Ep 5: What Happened to the Starbucks Experience

My relationship with coffee is non-committal, I’ll drink it if it’s in front of me but my normal wake-up drug of choice is crispy bacon! Starbucks is still my default meeting place to meet a colleague or friend. Not that long ago an old colleague invited me to catch up at a Starbucks of her choosing. We were both shocked to find out the entire place was a drive through and you couldn’t even sit down for coffee – things have changed!

On this week’s episode, I have Jenn Nahrstadt as my guest. She is on the frontline of customer service – she is a  Barista at Starbucks. She is careful about being overly critical but her voice betrays her. She is in the middle of a sea-change, the experience is changing and she doesn’t love it.

Jenn tells a very moving story about the power of relationships with customers involving a customer and his cancer stricken wife. Person to person interactions have legs, they make a difference, I am sold!

Technology is changing this equation dramatically and she’s not sure if it is all good. I press her on this, I basically tell her humans can make mistakes, spell your 4 letter name wrong and occasionally just suck, so maybe more technology is all good…

She articulates the case for the blend of human and technology, after that we solved world hunger.

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